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What is CNC Spindle Motor?

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What is a CNC Spindle Motor?

The CNC spindle motor is called a high-speed motor, which refers to an AC motor with a rotational speed of more than 10,000 rpm/min. Main used in wood, aluminum, stone, hardware, glass, PVC, and other industries. CNC Spindle motors have the advantages of high speed, small size, lightweight, low material consumption, low noise, low vibration, etc.

Because the CNC spindle motor is widely used, coupled with its meticulous workmanship, fast speed, and high processing quality of the motor, other ordinary motors cannot meet the technical requirements of the spindle motor and play an important role in the industrial production process. This technology is used in electric power, missile, aviation, and other industries. 

The CNC spindle motor has large torque, low noise, stable speed, high frequency, speed regulation, small no-load current, slow heating, fast heat dissipation, convenient use, and long life.

The Working Principle of the CNC Spindle Motor

The phases of the windings of the high-speed CNC spindle motor are 120° different from each other. After the three-phase alternating current is applied, the three-phase windings each form a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field. The magnetic field rotates at a constant speed in a certain direction, the magnetic field speed is the synchronous speed of the electric spindle. 

The synchronous speed n of the asynchronous motor is determined by the frequency f of the input motor stator winding current and the number of pole pairs P of the motor stator (n=60f/p). The CNC spindle motor is to obtain various speeds by transforming the frequency and excitation voltage of the current input to the stator winding of the motor. 

In the process of acceleration and braking, acceleration and deceleration are performed by changing the frequency to avoid an excessive temperature rise of the CNC spindle motor. Since the direction of the rotating magnetic field of the CNC spindle motor depends on the phase sequence of the three-phase alternating current input to the stator, changing the phase sequence of the input current of the motorized spindle can change the rotation direction of the motorized spindle.


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