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CNC Router Machine

   CNC Router Machine

1.What is a good CNC Router Machine for DIY beginners?

      Our CNC Router Machine is an entry-level CNC machine for DIY and best value for new users.

      Pre-assembled and easy assembly taking less than 30 minutes out of the box.

2.What is the advantage of our CNC Router Machine?

    1) Our CNC router machine is based on open-source Grbl v1.1 the PROVer has stepped up to more       powerful but silent drivers with added life and performance along with added Optocouplers to protect your mainboard from hard stops without risk of damage and eliminate signal noise for more consistent projects and longevity.

   2)Our CNC Router machine is all-aluminum body and take advantage of the added stability for milling a wider range of materials while also making clean up even easier with acrylic safety baffles to help contain dust and provide a safety barrier.

   3) Our CNC Router machine is to Increase your output and reduce your failures with included limit switches and Z Probe. The included spindle features Motor Noise Suppression for enhanced work performance. If something does go wrong the Emergency STOP button will ensure you can safely stop operations immediately.

3. What does a CNC Router machine do?

  • Wide application of our CNC router machine : Capable of carving and cutting different materials right out of the box, such as plywood, MDF, PCB, acrylic, nylon, carbon fiber, leather, graphite blocks, inlays in wood, plexiglass, vinyl, brass, and other soft metals.


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