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What Is A CNC Machine?

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What Is A CNC Milling Machine?

The CNC  milling machines are used to remove something from the workpiece to get the desired shape with the help of a milling cutter.

The CNC milling machine drives the milling machine through digital signals for processing. The workpiece is moved in the XY plane, and the Z axis is the tool spindle. , which is quite efficient for small or mass production. The milling machine can fix the workpiece, and the rotary tool generally makes 3D or 2D workpieces, which can accurately mill the workpieces in various shapes such as planes, surfaces, grooves, and gears. 

The advantage of milling is the high metal removal rate when milling workpieces with rotary circular cutters and the ability to cut in a very short time. Due to the different shapes and mechanical application methods of the milling cutters, the milling machine can perform various milling tasks, including plane milling, surface milling, groove milling, gear milling, and cam milling, etc., and can use the forming milling cutter to mill complex contours at one time. Complete with the indexing head can mill the helical groove.

Wide application of CNC Milling Machine

Kinds of engraving and drilling material :Kinds of drilling and engraving materials , such as plastics, soft aluminum,brass, acrylics, PVC, PCB, wood,plywood, nylon.


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